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O u r   E x p e r t i s e

Valet Express is a family business. It was created in order to provide every working person with a simple, fast and reliable solution for car repair and maintenance.

Our many years of experience within the automotive industry have shown us the communication gap that exists between automotive suppliers and you, the average driver.

In response we have launched our exclusive concept, “Valet Express”, to fill the void and act as the missing link between the supplier and driver, offering innovative, efficient and reasonable solutions directly from the workplace.


At first, our service was only available for corporate fleet maintenance but now the Valet Express service is offered to all employees of our corporate clients.

S a t i s f i e d   C u s t o m e r s

We are proud to be servicing over 500 companies throughout the island of Montréal and area. The following organizations have all accommodated a Valet Express kiosk. Today they wouldn’t do without it.

Pfizer Canada
Abbott Laboratories
Merck Frosst
Schering Canada
Manitoulin Transport
Imperial Tobacco
La Senza

Their employees will tell you, “It is much simpler with Valet Express”


T e s t i m o n i a l s

“Je ne voulais pas laisser passer l’occasion sans vous dire personnellement combien nous apprécions votre excellent service et collaboration.

“Tous nos participants sont pleinement satisfaits et désirent se joindre à moi pour vous complimenter. Votre service est courtois, rapide et convient parfaitement à nos besoins.”

M. Duval, President Polycol

“From my perspective as Fleet Manager, the peace of mind which comes from knowing that all of my drivers are being served with top notch professionalism and at a competitive cost is priceless.”

G. Lagodich, Controller Smith+ Nephew

“Their door-to-door service, pickup and delivery and availability of courtesy vehicles make a tremendous difference to our busy executives.”

B. Airey, Fleet Administrator Pfizer

“Nous épargnons un temps précieux en leur confiant l’entretien et les réparations des voitures de nos employés.”

S. Trogi-Ménard, Chef des Services internes et bureautique, McDonalds

“Je tiens à mentionner la gentillesse et le professionnalisme de toute l’équipe.”

Mme. Vernier, Superviseur Sevices Administratifs, Van Waters & Rogers Ltee.

If you are interested in more references just call us.

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